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"More than anyone else, introverts are masters at prioritizing quality over quantity, especially when it comes to friends. They form fewer but deeper relationships with people. Amazingly though, many introverts thrive in the online world. Perhaps because online communication and networking gives them more time to think and reflect about how to express their responses as compared to real-world conversations."
Glori Surban
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August’s MTV PUSH act Icona Pop told us their musical influences and what inspires them… Watch the exclusive video now!


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new swedish fav artist after robyn.

new swedish fav artist after robyn.

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26-year old bride-to-be killed in crash - Latest - New Straits Times →

I don’t know her personally but I am friends with most of her friends and i always look up at her photography works and somehow it feels close to heart. I do feel affected by this lost.

Rest In peace, Nadia Zahari ( )

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un 

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